7 tips for anger management

7 tips for anger management

1. Delay the response 

In any situation, two parts of our brain work. Emotional brain and rational brain. Whenever we have a fight with someone or you don't like anything, the first response comes from the Immediately Emotional Brain where you have a lot of He speaks in anger.

After doing this, the second part of your brain starts working which is called Rational Mind.

Rational brain thinks why it happened and what should we do now if we can stop our emotional brain and wait for the brain to come after 10:15 minutes, then our reaction is very weak or quite Matures and we comfortably react to the front.

2. Empethesise the problem

We can only see our point of view in the situation of any conflict, we are not able to see the attitude of the person in front.
We have to understand the views and attitudes of the people along with us.

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Anger management

3. Notice patterns

We always do negative reactions on those who bear our negative reactions such as smaller than ourselves and in close relationships and we blame them without any reason. We have to note this pattern of ours and whenever we see it repeating, then pose it there.

4. Stay out of the debate

If there is a debate while talking and the situation is out of control, stop yourself before giving an argument.

5. Sing a song

If you are very angry, you sing the song and if you are not in a position to sing, then you start listening to your favorite songs, this will reduce your hyperness.

6. Do yoga

Yoga can help you a lot, it will keep your mind balanced.

7. Take a deep breath

Whenever you are angry, now take deep breaths, take a deep breath through your nose and let the air of the lungs fill it and release this breath slowly through the mouth, repeat it again and again. By doing this, your blood pressure will be normal and your anger will also be reduced.

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