Obesity increase risk of coronavirus

Obesity increase risk of coronavirus

corona virus everywhere from this time and there is no idea of tomorrow in the phase we are going through today, and its fear have captured our hearts and minds.

We are all locked up in our homes and waiting for the coronavirus vaccine to be made and there is a lot of research going on in the world right now In which a new research has emerged.

Italy study

According to research conducted in Italy and Forbes report, there is a high risk of corona virus among obese individuals. Researchers believe that obese people should be kept in quarantine for 28 days instead of 14 days.

Researchers claim that influenza-like viruses infect obese people more than normal people.

Obesity increase risk of coronavirus , what is obesity , what is coronavirus

It is a matter of concern that obesity is becoming a major problem around the world, but now in the time of coronavirus, the risk of this disease has increased among these people.
According to some studies, obesity causes inflammation in the body which can inhibit the immunity of a person, thereby reducing the body's ability to fight the corona virus.

Britten study

Researchers in Britain studied 17,000 people, all of whom were infected with corona virus infection, with researchers saying that the majority of them suffered from obesity. Research also revealed that most people are obese as well as diabetic and heart patients. Because of which this virus is attacking these people twice as fast.

According to a study conducted in UK ICUs, 34.5% of those admitted there were overweight and 31.5% were obese and 7.1% were both obese and more ill.

World Obesity Federation

According to the World Obesity Federation, people who are getting corona infection have BMI above 25.

Obesity increase risk of coronavirus , what is obesity , what is coronavirus
Obesity coronavirus

Overweight people need more oxygen which causes more stress on their lungs and obesity is proving to be dangerous during this coronavirus infection.

Due to obesity, there is a problem in scanning them and at the same time there is a problem in moving them here and there.

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