Is SARS Corona Virus Back Again?


Is SARS Corona Virus Back Again?

SARS coronavirus ( SARS-COV ) was identified in 2003. If infected humans for the first time in the Guangdong province of Southern China sea.

SARS is an epidemic that affected 26 countries and in 2003 there were more than 8000 cases, most of it in China and Hong Kong.

After 2004, no cases of SARS corona virus were seen in the world, but in December 2019, the virus reappeared in China. However the related coronavirus is the cause of the ongoing 2019-20 coronavirus pendamic.

Causes (  SARS coronavirus )

The SARS coronavirus came from animals to humans. It spread from animals like bats, cats, kiwis etc. The first case of this infection was reported in 2002 in guandong province of China.

Is SARS Corona Virus Back Again? , What is SARS coronavirus
SARA coronavirus

Transmission ( SARS coronavirus )

It spreads from one person to another and in the second week, it becomes known about its disease, after which problems like diaria etc.
It was also said at that time to follow social distancing to avoid this

Nature of symptoms

Symptoms are like influenza, fever, headache, diaria, etc. Fever is found in most of the symptoms and it is still the highest fever symptom in Kovid-19. Elderly people and already ill people also faced more problems at that time.

It started in 2002-03 in South China and gradually spread to China's neighboring countries Hong Kong, Singapore Toronto, Hanoi, Vietnam etc.

Preventive measure take

There is no vaccine made for SARS, the only way to prevent it is to maintain social distancing and pay attention to some things like

1. Wash hands.

2. Avoiding contact with bodily fluids.

3. Washing the personal items of someone with SARS in hot , soapy water ( eating utensils , dishes ,     bedding etc )

4. Keeping children with symptoms home from school.

5. Simple hygiene measures.

6. Isolating oneself as much as possible to minimize the chances of transmission of   the virus.

The WHO announced control of the SARS coronavirus virus on 5 July 2003 but returned in December 2019 and spread to 150 countries in the world.

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