7 tips for overcome your depression

7 tips for overcome your depression

1. Share with your story/ problem

Tell your problem to those who really love you, they should always be ready to help you because they love you, care for you and also respect you and by doing this your mind will also become lighter.

2. Take a long walk

Exercises realese endorphins which can help with depression . Taking a short walk outdoors can help uplift your mood instantly.

3. Listen party song 

You will feel good by listening to the party song but do not listen to the sad song because it will bring more sadness.

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4. Quit drinking

Drinking may help you feel better short term but alcohol is a depressant and it will make you feel worse in the long run.

5. Talk to someone

Talk to your friends and close relatives so that you do not feel sad, so that you don't feel lonely.

6. Love yourself

Treat yourself like the way you would treat someone dear to you. Learn to silence the voice in your head that says you are not good enough.

7. Watching comedy movies and videos

Keep watching comedy movies and comedy videos so that your mind is always happy and smile on your face and you do not feel sad.

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