What is Obsessive compulsive disorder

What is Obsessive compulsive disorder

OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder ) in which the same idea comes to the mind again and again, behaves the same way, it is a simple mental illness.

The main reason for this is a chemical deficiency in the brain called cirrotonin, which occurs in the brain because of its difficiency and disregulation, which means that it is not able to work properly in the brain because of its OCD.

In simple words, there are always some redundant thoughts coming to our brain and our brain has a filter that blocks these useless thoughts, but in some people the lack of serotonin worsens this filter and these thoughts reach our brain go and bother us.

What is Obsessive compulsive disorder , ocd symptoms and causes
Obsessive compulsive disorder

There is a circuit in our brain called CORTICO-THALAMICO-STRIATO-CORTICALCIRCUIT

This circuit starts from the cortex of the brain, then goes to the thalamus and then to the startome and comes back to the cortex. This is a kind of loop in the brain that causes symptoms of OCD due to the disturbance in it.

In which the symptoms of OCD occur, there are two types of things, first, genetic history, such as someone in the family has a mental illness, and secondly, what gives more stress about life also makes the symptoms of OCD.

Genetic influencers and environmental influencers work together to develop OCD.

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