Depression : symptoms, causes, treatment

Depression : symptoms, causes, treatment

It is a common brain disease and it is said that 10 to 15% of people fall victim to it at some point in their life.

Its main symptom is sadness, even if something good happens in the life of the patient, he remains sad and sad all the time.

Symptoms (Depression)

1. Not feeling in anything.

2. Always feeling depressed.

3. Not feeling like talking to anyone.

4. Always having weakness in the body Fall      asleep.

5. Loss of appetite.

6. Feeling of suicide ETC.

If all these symptoms have been coming for more than 2 weeks, then we can associate them with depression .

Depression : symptoms, causes, treatment, what is depression

Causes ( Depression)

There is a biopsychosocial model that is used for depression and other mental illnesses, according to which some biologicals are caused by some psychological and some social causes, which together is a disease of depression.
There are three main chemical in our brain like biological causes 

(a) cirotonin 

(b) norebrephin  

(c) dopamine

Social Causes like our relationships, problems in our work etc.
Many times we think that by talking to people, dissolving with them, this disease can be eradicated and to some extent this is true even if there are common symptoms of this disease but if this depression reaches a high level If so, its medical treatment is very important.

Depression : symptoms, causes, treatment, what is depression

It can be treated in two ways (Depression)

Just like I said that chemical deficiency also causes depression, so some medicine is used for this and other counseling is done in the psychological and social causes, which we call psychotherapy. These medicine treatment and psychotherephy together is a good treatment. it could happen and if we get it treated at the right time, then its duration of treatment is very short.

And it is rumored that it is treated throughout life.

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