3 more important side efficts of antidepressant

3 more important side effects of antidepressant

Whenever we start taking medicine in our practice to a patient and start anti-depression, then every person gets a bit nervous because they are affraid of side effect.

Gestrointentinal side effect ( antidepressant )

When the antidepressant medicines are started, the most common side effect that is found is the gastrointentinal side effect which means stomach upset like constipation, acidity etc.
This is not the case at all, but these things happen in the week before starting some medications. There are 2 things to keep in mind about the gestrointentional side effect.

First, there is no side effect at all along with this, and second some anti-acid medicines are also given which prevent these side effects from occurring.

weight gain side effect ( antidepressant )

Increases the weight of many people by taking anti-depression. Look at the pill there is no fat or calories. Mostly, when the patient is suffering from depression, his appetite is completely gone and these medicines increase his appetite. Due to which some people start eating more, so their weight starts increasing.
Even if you do regular exercise, the chances of getting in between you are greatly reduced.

If taking medicines increases the appetite and you eat the right things like salads, fruits less sweet, less fried then the chances of weight gain increase further.

Some antidepressant does not cause weight gain. Some medicines like miltajapin etc. increase weight, and medicines like bupropriyon etc. do not increase weight.

The third side effect is quite a sexual side effect in young people. Antidepressant leads to sexual side effects, which leads to loss of sexual desire due to inadequate errections.

3 more important side effects of antidepressant , depression , antidepressant

sexual side effect ( antidepressant )

See, in a person who has depression, due to depression, the desire for sex decreases significantly because when the human does not feel like doing anything, then the desire for sex also decreases when these people are used antidepressant. So after the depression is cured, sometimes the desire for sex increases and in some people it decreases as a side effect.

The important thing is that if the side effects are occurring then it is reversible. When you stop the medicines, it will also end. All the anti-depressions do not have sexual side effects like metajapin does not, bupropriyon also no side effects and if sexual side effects are increasing, then you can shift to these medicines.

conclusion ( antidepressant )

You have to get rid of the fear in the name of antidepressant medicines. Taking the right information, it is not that eating an antidepressant will cause any side effects such as liver damage, kidney damage or brain weakness not all are there and your doctors know the ways to avoid these side effects, which help you in this more well.

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