Mental mechanism or defense mechanism

According to psychoanalysts, when severe mental trauma or conflict is encountered by humans, it succumbs to stress and anxiety. He has a serious weakness, he is not always able to make direct adjustments to situations. In such situations, he uses defensive measures, he tries to save at the mental level, this is called mental mechanism.

Characteristics of Mental Mechanism

1. The responsibility of protecting the ego rests on the mantle mechanism. When the reputation of the ego is endangered, only the mental mechanism protects.

2. Mental Mechanism is a kind of mental learning.

3. Mental mechanism relieves stressful situations.

4. The mental mechanism resolves the conflict between conscious, unconscious and id.

5.  Mental mechanisms protect humans' self-esteem.

6.  Mental mechanism prevents dissolution of personality.

Major mechanism


Repression is a process that occurs on its own, for which one does not have to make

Mental mechanism or defense mechanism

any effort. A person's painful thoughts and desires come out of the conscious level in such a way that the person has no knowledge about it. Through repression the conscious conflict is resolved, but the reconciliation action is unconscious. When id wishes to come to the conscious level, which are related to antisocial actions that are not acceptable to the ego and superego and complex conflict situations arise and the person pushes that desire into unconsciousness to get rid of them.


A person deliberately tries to overcome his desires or thoughts which are tragically immoral and unpleasant while unhappy and immoral desires are suppressed without any help. In the field of correction of repression, on the other hand the person knows well is that he is removing his desire from consciousness.


In it, any desire or thought is forgotten due to the arrival of another wish or thought, this unhappy immoral desires and thoughts can be forgotten. In impedance, some motivation or desire comes in place of another thought or desire.


The literal meaning of regression is to return. In this, the person adopts the behavior of people under his age, this person returns to his infancy again. When a person is not able to fulfill his desires, then a situation of conflict arises in him and he unconsciously returns to his primary state to avoid this crisis thus regression is the recreation through which a person resolves his personal difficulties through the reaction of early childhood.

Mental mechanism or defense mechanism

Forms of regression

1. Popular way- Shout cry or run away from your responsibility.

2.Renal state regression- Pissing many times while sleeping in bed to attract parents.

3.oral state regression- Adopt child behavior up to 6 months like thumb sucking.

4.Stranded regression- The person becomes helpless and attracts the attention of others  and feels safe.

Other ways- Regression to dream, sleep and irrational thinking.


Some desires of the person are not fulfilled due to social restrictions and go into unconsciousness. Individuals solve their own subliminal contradictions and perform this recreation through creative works recognized by society. Establishment behavior in sublimation is not only valid from the point of view of society it is also praiseworthy and it brings fame to the person.


This is a cover that we put on our shortcomings and evils that we don't have to face them

Forms of rationalization

1.Grapes are sour- When a person is unsuccessful in getting a job, he / she states negative aspects of the job to maintain his / her reputation.

2.Lemon is sweet- When a person does not have any other option, he is also forced to say sweet lemon.

3.Like or dislike- If a person is not called in functions , he says to protect his ego that I do not like the crowd.

Reaction formation-  A mantle mechanism that enables a person to perform an unacceptable desire, by applying it and vice versa.

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